MiniBug Terms and Conditions

Rental Policies

• No booking of vehicle to be used for any illegal or law violating activities and events.

• Only the designated driver from MINIBUG is allowed to drive the vehicle.

• Any damage caused to the vehicle by the passenger(s) due to negligence is chargeable to the customer.

• No food and drinks is allowed in the vehicle.

• Mileage and number of location limit for respective package:
– full day (8 hours): 200km, 6 locations
– half day (4 hours): 150km, 4 locations
– 2 hours package: 100km, 3 locations
Mileage count starts from first pick up and ends at last drop off.

• Extra mileage will be charged at S$35 per 25km.

• Default area of use of vehicle is limited to mainland of Singapore .Sentosa is included.

• Area of use of vehicle can be extended to Johor (Malaysia) with additional charge of S$100 and extra mileage beyond mileage limit is chargeable.

• For countries border crossing case, driver reserves the right to check luggage(s) of passenger(s) before passing the border checkpoint.

• Delivery of car to decoration service at $188 per trip is available one day in advance from booking date. Delivery is limited to single location within 2 hours time-frame and subject to the availability of the car.

• Parking, toll, ERP and/or VEP (for border crossing to Malaysia) charges are chargeable to customer.

• Extra hours can be pre-order at the rate of $98 per hour to the package anytime before the booking date subject to the availability of the car.

• Late return or rental extension will be charged at hourly rate price of $188 per hour upon availability of vehicle.

• In case of car faulty or breakdown, replacement car of similar model shall be deployed and no refund and/or compensation will be given.

• No uninsured and underinsured passenger coverage is included in the package. All passengers ride the vehicle at their own responsibilities and risks.

Booking Policies

• The minimum age of customer to rent a vehicle is 18 years old with valid personal ID provided.

• Minimum rental period is 2 hours for each booking made.

• Date of booking is changeable 2 months prior to booking date depends on availability of vehicle and an S$100 admin charge chargeable.

• All booking details and particulars are according to reservation forms submitted by customer.

• A copy of rental agreement required to be signed and replied by customer within 3 working days upon receive of the rental agreement. The signed rental agreement can be returned by post, email or fax.

Confirmation of booking and receipt of payment will be emailed to customer within 3 working days after receive of deposit.


 Payment Policies

• All payments are to be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer/deposit.

• Booking will only be confirmed after deposit is received.

• Deposit payable is 50% value of goods and services booked by customer.

• Deposit must be paid within 24 hours after replying of rental agreement.

• Confirmation of booking and receipt of payment will be sent to customer in the form of email and post within 3 working days after receive of deposit.

• No refund of payment due to cancellation at any point of time.

• Full payment must be paid prior 3 days of the booking date.

• No discount is allowed unless otherwise stated.

• No refund of payment for early return of vehicle.

• Acceptance of vehicle considered made once deposit is paid.


Car Viewing Policies

• Car viewing can be arranged upon request of customer and will be charged at $98 per car per viewing.

• Car viewing fee is refundable once booking is confirmed. Only first viewing fee is refundable. Subsequent viewing fee is not refundable.


Customer agrees to be subject to the jurisdiction of Malaysia. Customer agrees that any dispute between customer and MINIBUG to enforce these Terms and Conditions, or in connection with any matters related to MINIBUG, will be resolved in Malaysia to the exclusion of any other potential venue.

The provisions and conditions of these Terms and Conditions, and each obligation referenced herein, represent the entire Agreement between MINIBUG, its affiliated or related entities, and customer, and supersede any prior agreements or understandings not incorporated herein. In the event that any inconsistencies exist between these Terms and any future published terms and conditions or understanding, the last published Terms or terms of use or understanding shall prevail.

MINIBUG reserves all rights to amend rates, terms and conditions and/ or terminate any reservation with valid reason without prior notice to customer.