[New] Pick One Floral Garland 

Pick one floral garland to replace either head flower or rear flower decoration. It can be placed by the windscreen, on the front or rear bumper.
White Hydrangea Garland
Peonies Garland
Blue Hydrangea Garland

Pick One Head Flower

Devoted Flame

Everlasting Enchantment

Mellow Blossom

Simply Red

Harmonious Love

Meadow Fresh

Love Passion

Spring Bloom

Peach Blossom

Summer Glow

Blueberry Blush

Champagne Rosy

Pick One Ribbon

Mint White

Mint Cream

British White

Silver Dove

Royal Grey

Midnight Stardust

Satin Gold

Copper Bronze

Copper Maroon

Christmas Carol

Mellow Blossom

Peach Garden

Twinkle Star

Rose Gold

Cotton Pink

Sheer Lavender

Aqua Marine

Tropicana Ocean


Green Hearts

White Olive

Golden Olive

Copper Olive

Pick One Door Flower

Devoted Flame

Everlasting Enchantment

Mellow Blossom

Sunny Joy

Caribbean Twist

Grape Crush

Simply You

Peach Petal

Paradise Love

Rose Gold

Cotton Candy

Amethyst Petal

Silvery Dove

Green Hearts

Peachy Love

Ocean Blue

Creamy White

Silver Love

Pick One Rear Flower

Devoted Flame

Everlasting Enchantment

Mellow Blossom

Pure Love

Little Pure Love

White Roses

Mini Meadow

Song of Spring

Pink Peonies

Purple Perfection

Heaven Scent

**All items with ‘PREMIUM’ tag are available for Premium Car Rental packages.


Pick One Just Married / Yes I Do Plate

Red On White

White On Red

Red on White

White on Red

Pick One Tin Cans

**The metal plate can be customised and purchased at S$58 per piece.